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Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus

"We stand united and and we bring Missouri together"
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The Missouri Democratic Party’s delegate selection plan can be found here. Information on how to become one of Missouri’s 84 delegates to the Democratic National convention can be found here. For questions, contact Party Affairs Director Jessica Sanders at 573-636-5241 or

The national Democratic Party will nominate its Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. For more information, or to sign up for updates from the national Party, please visit or


The Missouri Democratic Party’s delegate selection plan can be found here

Information on how to become one of Missouri’s 84 delegates to the 

Democratic National conventioncan be found here. For questions, contact 

Party Affairs Director Jessica Sanders at 573-636-5241 


Forms for the selection process are listed here:

A timeline of important dates in the selection process can be found below.

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"We are Asian Americans Community members and Minority leadership living in USA and Exercising our Rights in the Political Process and we want to participate in the main stream politics and craete a platform for our next generation.

Government policies and procedures in the US are reflection of the wishes of its citizens. Our basic assumption is that the Asian American Democrat Caucus of Missouri would be able to influence the decisions made by our government through our representatives from great state Missouri. The Asian American Democrat Caucus of Missouri, consisting of both citizens and Legal Permanent Residents (LPR), who would become citizens in 1-7 Years, would like to use this political forum to present their positions on the concurrent issues that im pmpact them.

Welcome From the Chairman
Welcome, Missouri Democrats, to our Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus "MDPAAC" political website. This is a critical year to be a democrat, specially here in Missouri. As we celebrate the long-awaited arrival of a Democratic President, now the 2016 Presidential race is here and we have to elect democrat in the oval office as well as we need to elect Chris Koster as our next Missouri governor. 

We must amplify our focus on growing the party here in Missouri. Over the last decade, the Missouri Democratic Party made inroads throughout the state. In order to build on our successes, we must continue to provide our elected officials, candidates, and supporters with the resources they need to the 2016 elections to present our party with extraordinary opportunities. The next election we have to prove our dedicated work to put democrat candidate and their victory will determine our success.

With millions of suffering through this economic crisis, it is clear Americans are seeking a new way forward. The country craves true leaders who will meet challenges with ideas, not ideology – with solutions, not stall tactics – and with problem solving, not politics. With your help, the Missouri Democratic Party can join with President Obama and Governor Jay Nixon to implement the commonsense solutions needed to put our country, and our state, back on the right track.

Your MDPAAC is dedicated along with MDP is committed to keeping you informed about new developments and counting on your support as we work to keep the Party moving forward and recruit the next crop of Missouri Leaders. Our success has been the result of a team effort and we are proud of what you have helped us achieve.

It has been my pleasure to introduce you the Missouri Democratic Caucus (MDPAAC) and I pledged that we would be good stewards of your contributions. Your offering of both, time and, money have rebuilt this Party from the ground up. With your continued support, we will be ready to win again in 2016.

Together we will build an even stronger Democratic Party here in Missouri. We stand for our right and we united for our determination and Action.

Thank you very much.

Anwar K. Khan


Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (MDPAAC)


Please Send us an email and let us know how we may be more effective with any new ideas and activities that will help us as to established as Democrats.


Thank you so much for contacting us. We will get back to you shortly.



Slogan / Moto:

Stimulate an active interest in Asian Americans relating to Political and Governmental affairs to facilitate Asian American participation in the Missouri Democrat Party & Asian Communities living in USA exercise our Rights in the Political Process.



10th Annual Caucus & 

Election Endorsement

Missouri Democratic Party 

Asian American Caucus

Date: April 6th & 7th

Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Kansas City, MO – 64111, USA

Day 1: (4/6/2016), Time: 4-6 pm

Location: 3620 Main, Kansas City, MO


1. Committee reports

2. County Chapters reports

3. Turn Missouri Blue Project reports

4. Register to vote project reports

5. Delegates selection Process

6. Leaderships roll-call

7. State Executive Committee reports

8. Directors reports

9. Election process & Caucus Progress

10. 2016 Election and Caucus Candidacy

11. Endorsement of Local, State and Federal Candidates


Day 2: (4/7/2016), Time: 4 pm – 6pm

Location: 3721 Main, Kansas City, MO



1.   Host committee welcome: Syed Asif – Executive Secretary MDPAAC State Committee

2.   Remarks of MDPAAC Jackson County committee: Nafees Mahmood, County Chair 

3.   Remarks – MDPAAC woman Co-Chair: Ruby Al-Sous

4.   Remarks MDPAAC State Chair: Anwar Khan

5.   Remarks MDPAAC founder: MD Alam

6.   Remarks: Rehan Reza, Chair KDPAAC State Committee

7.   Remarks: Lauren Gepford, Executive Director, Jackson County Democratic Party


8.  Remarks: Jessica Podhola, Candidate, MO Senate 11th district 

9.   Remarks: Russ Carnahan, Candidate, Lt. Governor

10.                Remarks: Jason Kander, Candidate, U.S. Senate

11.                Candidates endorsements: Jason Kander, Russ Carnahan, Jessica Podhola

12.                Closing statements 

13.                Refreshments


Print: Meeting Agenda Day 1 (for April 6/2016)

Print: Meeting Agenda Day 2 (for April 7/2016)


Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (MDPAAC)
Fax: (816) 841-3502
Address: 9520 James A Reed Rd, Ste # G

Kansas City, MO - 64134, USA
E-mail address: